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Anthurium (from $18) Anthurium (from $18) $30.00
Widely grown as houseplants but can be grown outdoors. [more details]

Bamboo Palm  (from $25) Bamboo Palm (from $25) $25.00
Indoor or Patio plant. Available in two sizes [more details]

Birds Nest Fern (from $10) Birds Nest Fern (from $10) $10.00
Grows well in full to part shade Available in 3 sizes [more details]

Calatheas Calatheas $18.00
Also know as Prayer Plant [more details]

Devils Ivy (from $29) Devils Ivy (from $29) $29.00
An evergreen climber. Available in 3 sizes. [more details]

Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia $15.00
Indoor plant, needs very little watering and tolerates low light conditions. 2 sizes available. [more details]

Dracaena (from $10) Dracaena (from $10) $69.00
Available in 4 sizes. Indoor plant which prefers morning sun or well lit area. [more details]

Friendship Plant Friendship Plant $12.00
Variety "Pilea involucrata" [more details]

Golden Cane Palm (from $12) Golden Cane Palm (from $12) $12.00
Available in 4 sizes. Best when indoors or in sheltered area [more details]

Hanging basket - Devils Ivy Hanging basket - Devils Ivy $29.00
Devils Ivy hanging basket; Also know as a Money Plant. Great for patios and shaded areas. Produces long tresses of leaves with a great shiny colour. [more details]

Hanging Basket - Goldfish Hanging Basket - Goldfish $18.00
Hanging Basket plant. Great for full sun or part shade [more details]

Happy Plants (from $10) Happy Plants (from $10) $10.00
Indoor plant. Prefers diffused sunlight or full shade. 4 sizes available [more details]

Peace Lilly - Spath (from $12) Peace Lilly - Spath (from $12) $12.00
Best suited to warm sheltered area's. Grows to 30cm tall [more details]

Rhaphis Palm (from $14) Rhaphis Palm (from $14) $20.00
Available in 4 sizes. Great indoor plant. [more details]

Sensation - Spath Sensation - Spath $39.00
Best suited to warm sheltered area's. Grows to 1.2m tall [more details]

Xanadu (from $10) Xanadu (from $10) $18.00
Grows to 75cm. Great indoor plant [more details]

Zanzibar (from $15) Zanzibar (from $15) $15.00
Indoor plant. Needs very little watering [more details]

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