Sandstone square pot (from $25)


Marble or Sandstone

* Marble pot shown on left. Sandstone pot on Right 


Plain or Patterned         

* Plain pot shown. To view Patterned pot click to enlarge picture

Prices & Sizes 

X - Sml 310mm x 310mm x 260mm $25

Sml 360mm x 360mm x 310mm $35

Med 415mm x 415mm x 360mm $49

Lge 460mm x 460mm x 400mm $69


X - Lge 520mm x 520mm x 450mm $89 

XX - Lge 600mm x 600mm x 520mm $129

*sizes may vary slightly.. Feet and saucers are not included in price but are available in most colours

Colour & Size Options




Price: $25.00

Sandstone square pot  (from $25)
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