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Hedges in Sydney

Hedges in Sydney May Provide Privacy or Define Your Property

Parklea Pots and Plants awaits you with a plethora of options to design your yard with hedges that suit your needs. Do you have a neighbour that is a little nosey? Choose a fast-growing hedge with dense leaves so that you can return in peace to your backyard cup of tea. Do you avoid pruning? Then a meandering hedge may play well in your yard, especially since you can allow it to flower throughout the season.

What You Should Know about Hedging Plants in Sydney

Do you want your plants to flourish? The way to ensure that they get the best start is to adhere to these practices:

• The best time of the to plant hedges is in the late winter, just as spring brings warmth to your soil. The warmer the earth, the better the plants can establish themselves.

• For formal hedges, look for plants with smaller leaves. For example, the leaves on our Murraya plants overlap as they grow, which cuts down on light filtering through your natural wall.

• Be sure to plant your hedging plants in Sydney closer together than you usually would. You want them to mesh together as they grow. If you want your hedge to grow to towering heights such as our Camelia Sasanqua, however, spacing them further apart may be appropriate.

Why trust Parklea Pots and Plants for Your Hedges in Sydney?

We have one goal in mind: we want you to leave with the best plants grown in Australia from our large variety. Our commitment to all things gardening is what makes us stand out as your best choice when shopping in Sydney.

• We are open seven days a week so that you can shop for plants, pots, flowers, fruit plants, soil, and water features. We even sell artificial plants.

• We offer wholesale pricing to the individual consumer as well as businesses that provide services to their customers.

• We deliver to the metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs, including Northern and North West Sydney, Southern and Eastern suburbs, Hawkesbury, and the Hills District.

About Parklea Pots and Plants

We opened 20 years ago with a commitment to giving you the best possible service. We know plants and our exceptional staff is available to help you make the best decisions for your gardening needs. Contact us in person, by email or by phone.

Whether you are planting a new hedge or focusing on the upkeep of an existing one, you need to look no further. We are ready to offer well-informed advice and general tips for all your gardening needs.

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