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Indoor & Patio Plants

Indoor Plants in Sydney

Bring Nature into Your Home with Our Indoor Plants in Sydney

As spring warms the air, our indoor plants in Sydney will shower your home with freshness and colour. Parklea Pots and Plants offers a myriad of plants and decorative pots that will imbue warmth to your home. Our team of knowledgeable and helpful staff will guide you in choosing the appropriate plants, indoor containers, and potting soil.

When buying Indoor Plants in Sydney Consider This

Over the last fifty years, the trend to build more energy-efficient homes created a more airtight home. Scientific studies provided clues that indoor plants held a secret weapon in keeping our homes healthy. These house plants in Sydney that you’ll find in our market offer the following benefits to you:

• The Peace Lily absorbs chemicals in the air, removing air pollutants such as ammonia and benzene from your home.

• Boston ferns are a natural humidifier and are one of the best air purifiers for your indoor rooms.

• Lavender’s scent is believed to reduce stress. Having lavender in your bedroom may soothe your anxiety and could reduce insomnia and restlessness.

What to Expect from Parklea Pots and Plants When Purchasing House Plants in Sydney

We are here to serve you whether you are around the corner from our nursery or you live miles from our location. Maybe your favourite shopping experience is browsing our online store. We want you to experience our quality products at your convenience. With Parklea Pots and Plants as your nursery of choice, you’ll love the following perks:

• All our pricing is wholesale, whether you are an individual customer or you run a business that purchases products for sale to your clients.

• We make multiple deliveries of House Plants in Sydney each day to surrounding areas that include Sydney’s eastern suburbs and northern beaches. We also deliver from Campbelltown to Windsor.

• Don’t have a green thumb? No problem, we sell artificial plants as well!

About Parklea Pots and Plants

We opened our doors twenty years ago. We trade from Parklea Market, a five-acre site that claims it is the largest market in the southern hemisphere. Our nursery takes up a large corner of the market and extends outdoors, where we sell plants, pots, flowers, fruit plants, soil, and water features. We are open seven days a week. And with our online service, you can shop 24 hours a day.

Parklea Pots and Plants is your answer for indoor plants in Sydney. To keep your house fresh and upbeat, look to us for all your planting needs. We are available to help you with any questions you have. Please contact us with all your questions by phone, email, or in person. We want what is best for your home.

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