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Home gardener potting mix


Home Gardener Potting Mix is a flexible mix. Like our Premium Potting Mix product, it is developed to Australian Standards levels. Due to its flexibility, Home Gardener Potting Mix is suitable for most plant varieties.

Size 25 litre bag

Product Benefits

  • Active wetting agent to aid water distribution and protection against plants drying out.
  • Obtains optimum air filled porosity allowing the roots air to grow.
  • Excellent water holding capacity so that the plant does not stress in extreme conditions.
  • Developed to the Australian standards under SAI Global’s AS 3743 guidelines for regular potting mixes.
  • Accredited manufacturing process and laboratory tested to ensure optimum pH and electrical conductivity levels.
  • Contains Coir, a coconut fibre that enhances and improves the mix structure. Contains composted pine bark that has undergone a 12 week composting regime.



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